Thursday, January 21, 2010

Difference between Perspective, Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing

While Perspective Drawing is to show on a piece of paper how objects can look smaller the further away you are from it, Isometric Drawing is different as it is viewed from a far enough position so that perspetive drawing is hard to notice and Isometric drawings are drawn in such a way that one edge will face you and is of an angle of 120degrees. Perspective Drawing(top, source:, Isometric drawing(upmost top, source:

Orthographic Drawings are quite different from the other drawings, Orthographic Drawings are actually Isometric Drawings, with the rear, left and bottom views "cut" off and the other three views separated. Source of Orthographic drawing on bottom:

Oblique drawings are supposed to show the viewer a 3-D perspective of an object, with the width of the object as the front view of the object. How long the object's length is but is blocked by the width is called the depth. There are three types of oblique drawings, the first one, the cabinet drawing has the object's depth cut in half. The second type of oblique drawing is the Cavalier drawing where the depth is at full length. The last type of oblique drawing is the normal kind where the depth is cut by three quarters. Source of the Oblique drawing on the bottom:

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