Saturday, January 16, 2010

1)ADMT means to me as a chance to learn more about technology and media.

2)An ADMT student should be creative, innovative, be well-versed in using many kinds of technology and be willing to learn new things all the time.

3)My aspiration as an ADMT student is to be able to know how to use many different types of technology and to be able to make animations.

4)I can achieve my aspiration by learning more about the latest kinds of technology through the Internet and practise using technology to do schoolwork.

5)If there is no art or design, people would not be able to make the proper clothes we wear today, and if there is no media or technology, inventors of the past would not be have invented all the useful technology that we use today and life would be like the cavepeoples'. Without design, people would not even be able to build the kampongs that the early pioneers of Singapore used as houses.

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