Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ergonomics (Product Description and Idea Trigger)

i) It is used to open cans, as it is a metallic-grey can opener mostly mae out of metal. It has gears on it to help it to use the scissors action to cut out the top of the can. It has a grip similar to a pair of garden scissors. The only few parts of the can opener that is made of plastic is the bottom of the grip with a hole in it so it can be hanged.
ii) It has to be made of metal so it would be able to cut the can. It also has to have minimum sharp points so it would be safe for the user. It also has to be light so that the user would not drop it. The grip has to be comfortable and has a lot of friction so pe
ople with sweaty palms would not slip out of the user's hands. It has to be easy to use so that there would not be confusion and the user would not damage himself/herself by accident.
iii) Yes, the elderly might find it too heavy and might drop it by accident, if the product were to drop, it might be dropped on the elderly's foot and injure him/her.

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