Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ergonomics II

1) It is the study of how efficient people are in their working environments.
2) They are:
-Ease of Use
3) My product example is the iBot 4000
:-It is safe as it is very stable, being able to not blow the user backwards even when the user is using a gun like in this video: .It can return back into the regular wheelchair shape if preferred. It can also go over bumpy and uneven terrains that curl up to 5 inches. (Source for the picture: )

-It is comfortable as it has a calf panel, headrest, armrest, seat cushions and footrests. It can also allow someone to travel safely at eye level so they can feel like when they are standing as it would be higher. (Source for the picture: )

-It is easy to use as it only requires a User Control Panel (UCP) to control the iBot's movement. The UCP can also be detached to allow the user to move the iBot into a vehicle to be kept when the user uses a car. Being able to move the iBot 4000 at a distance, the user can keep the iBot 4000 without having the chance of getting injured.

-It has high Productivity/Performance as it is able to be used in 5 functions, to allow the iBot 4000 to adapt to different situations, which are if the user wants to reach up high, when the user wants to climb the stairs, when the iBot 4000 goes over uneven terrains, when the iBot 4000 is positioned like a regular wheelchair and when the user has to move the iBot 4000 into a vehicle without the user on it. Information on the function of the iBot 4000 can be found on the website for iBot owners to find information on the iBot 4000: . (Source for the picture: )

-It is Aesthetic as it is a new design that was not used before, allowing the design to be more unique towards other designs. (Source for the picture: )

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