Sunday, June 27, 2010

Holiday work - Part 1:Understanding the 'The Elderly Challenge'

1) The key recommendations are to make homes less likely for the elderly to have accidents, to make places and public transport more accessible and convenient for the elderly, to help the less well off Singaporeans be able to use the services which help the elderly and to keep more senior citizens fit and healthy
2) The Government want to make an elder-friendly environment by introducing more safety features to senior homes and making them more accessible and convenient for seniors.
3) i) We can top up our Medisave Accounts so we can afford healthcare services. ii)
4) i) We can organise some events for the elderly to help them to exercise. ii) We can help senior citizens when we see them. iii) We can volunteer to help our neighbours who are senior citizens living alone, who are weaker, etc

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